DAOMAP: A Distributed IPv6 Multicast Address Allocating Protocol

Slaviero and Olivier


Citation information

M. Slaviero and M. S. Olivier. DAOMAP: A distributed IPv6 multicast address allocating protocol. In D. Browne, editor, Southern African Telecommunication Networks and Applications Conference 2004 (SATNAC 2004), Stellenbosch, South Africa, 9 2004. Published electronically


Multicast address assignment is a limiting factor in multicast deployment, and previous research has shown that dynamic prefix-based addressing outperforms other models. In this paper we expound on the requirements for a scalable IPv6 multicast address allocation protocol, compute thresholds for security policies, and detail our protocol DAOMAP, which fulfills our listed requirements.

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A pre- or postprint of the publication is available at http://mo.co.za/open/daomap.pdf.

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