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Applying the Biba Integrity Model within a Forensic Evidence Management System

Arthur, Olivier, and Venter


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K. K. Arthur, M. S. Olivier, and H. S. Venter. “Applying the Biba Integrity Model within a Forensic Evidence Management System”. In: Advances in Digital Forensics III. Ed. by P. Craiger and S. Shenoi. Springer, 2007, pp. 317–327


The decentralized nature of the Internet forms its very foundation, yet it is this very nature that has opened networks and individual machines to a host of threats and attacks from cyber criminals. Forensic specialists tasked with the investigation of crimes commissioned through the use of computer systems are often unable to adequately reach convincing conclusions pertaining to their investigations. The lack of a global view of the investigation landscape, the obfuscated nature of the digital world, and the integrity associated with digital evidence are just some of the challenges within these investigations.

This paper proposes the construction of a Forensic Evidence Management System (FEMS) in assisting forensic investigators. Specifically since evidential integrity is paramount to an investigation, the Biba Integrity Model is employed as a means of maintaining the integrity of the evidence (objects) within the system. An integrity classification is a necessary precondition for the application of the Biba model. In our proposed system Casey’s Certainty Scale is used for this purpose. Given these inputs, the architecture and flow of information within our FEMS is detailed throughout the paper, thereby highlighting the benefits of such a system.

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DOI: 10.1007/978-0-387-73742-3_22

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