A Prototype for Personal Business Transactions on Public Networks

Uphof and Olivier


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E. J. Uphof and M. S. Olivier. A prototype for personal business transactions on public networks. In J. H. P. Eloff, editor, Proceedings of the IFIP TC11 Workgroup 11.2 on Small System Security, pages 13–27, Samos, Greece, 5 1996. Unrefereed


This paper describes a prototype system that illustrates the use of a public network (such as the Internet) for personal financial and business transactions. It is assumed that the public network cannot be trusted and that the prototype system has to ensure secrecy, non-repudiation and other guarantees required for acceptance of such a system. In addition it is assumed that the user is not necessarily a technical expert—all technical aspects (including that associated with encryption) therefore has to be hidden from the user.

The system is structured as a sales interface, that forms the control centre of the system, a registration package which the user initially uses to register on the system, an ordering platform through which orders are placed, an advertisement placement platform used to advertise goods on the system, a bank manager that forms the interface with a virtual bank and an advertisement viewing component that may be used by registered and nonregistered users.

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A pre- or postprint of the publication is available at http://mo.co.za/open/sales.pdf.

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