The design of smartphone evidence awareness (SEAWARE) training

Dlamini, Olivier, and Grobler


Citation information

I. Z. Dlamini, M. S. Olivier, and M. Grobler. “The design of smartphone evidence awareness (SEAWARE) training”. In: Issues in Information Systems 2 (2016), pp. 170–182


This study focuses on the Smartphone Evidence Awareness skills of smartphone users with regard to collecting, preserving and handling such data. This paper presents the smartphone evidence awareness training program.

This training program consists of the SEAware curriculum that outlines the topics that were included in the SEAware training. This curriculum was converted into a PowerPoint presentation to form part of the SEAware training material. Coupled with the training material, was a SEAware questionnaire. The SEAware training program equips smartphone users with safe methods of collection relevant smartphone data for the specific circumstances.

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