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Supporting Site Security Policies for Members of Federated Databases



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M. S. Olivier. “Supporting Site Security Policies for Members of Federated Databases”. In: Proceedings of the Fourth European Conference on Information Systems. Ed. by J. D. Coelho, T Jelassi, W König, H Krcmar, R O’Callaghan, and M Saaksjarvi. Lisbon, Portugal, July 1996, pp. 45–56


Where a number of databases are to be combined into a single federated database, it may still be desirable for the individual sites to manage the security aspects of their databases autonomously. A federal security policy specifies the security aspects that apply to all sites of the federation. Each site is then able to extend the security policy that applies to data owned by it with its own site security policy. The self-protecting object model proposed earlier allows construction of such a federation. However, the mechanism that supports the local security policy at each site has not been investigated fully yet. This paper investigates this component of the self-protecting object model. It considers a design for this component and discusses some alternatives that are available for site security policies. Co-operation between these ‘local’ components is also discussed to allow secure interoperation between sites.

The main contribution of this paper is the demonstration that it is possible to support local security policies that differ significantly in a federated database but still achieve interoperation.

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