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Integrity Constraints in Federated Databases



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M. S. Olivier. “Integrity Constraints in Federated Databases”. In: Database Security X: Status and Prospects. Ed. by P. Samarati and R. S. Sandhu. Chapman & Hall, 1997, pp. 43–57


This paper considers integrity issues that arise because of the relative autonomous nature of sites in a federated database. Such autonomy requires guarantees from the provider of a service and enforcement of such guarantees. Guarantees are expressed as integrity constraints.

Federated databases can form the basis of many forms of automated interorganisational processes. Successful automation of such processes depends on conformance to expectations of all organisations involved. Although mechanisms (such as contract law) exist to ensure compliance, the existing mechanisms are too complex to automate and also too lengthy for many time-critical processes or transactions.

The paper describes an approach where a service provider provides a guarantee, an analysis site simplifies the checking of such constraints and a certification site certifies that guarantees will be enforced.

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DOI: 10.1007/978-0-387-35167-4_4

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