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Using the IPDR standard for NGN billing and fraud detection

Bihina Bella, Eloff, and Olivier


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M. A. Bihina Bella, J. H. P. Eloff, and M. S. Olivier. “Using the IPDR standard for NGN billing and fraud detection”. In: Proceedings of the Fifth Annual Information Security South Africa Conference (ISSA2005). Ed. by H. S. Venter, J. H. P. E. L. Labuschagne, and M. M. Eloff. Research in progress paper, published electronically. Sandton, South Africa, June 2005


Fraud is a crucial problem in the telecommunications industry and is expected to increase in future convergent networks, commonly referred to as Next-Generation Networks (NGNs). Indeed due to the convergent nature of NGNs, it is highly likely that fraud from traditionally separate entities will converge and that new forms of fraud targeted at content rather than connection will emerge. Some examples include illegal redistribution of service and unauthorized access to services. Unfortunately, fraud management systems (FMSs) deployed to detect fraud on current networks are not equipped to effectively address this emerging threat and need to be revised accordingly.

As the main source of input data of FMSs is generated by billing systems, determining NGN billing systems requirements is the first step to the design of an FMS suitable for future networks. Some of these requirements have been identified but cannot be satisfied by current billing systems due to the proprietary and static format of their CDRs (Call Detail Records) i.e. the records capturing the service usage of the network users. A promising solution to these problems is the recently developed Internet Protocol Detail Record (IPDR) standard.

This research paper therefore examines the IPDR solution and demonstrates how it can help meet the identified NGN billing requirements. The paper also shows how the IPDR standard can improve the fraud detection success rate of potential fraud types in NGNs.

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