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Security Policies in Replicated and Autonomous Databases

Gudes and Olivier


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E. Gudes and M. S. Olivier. “Security Policies in Replicated and Autonomous Databases”. In: Database Security XII: Status and Prospects. Ed. by S. Jajodia. Kluwer, 1999, pp. 93–107


Autonomous object databases are becoming important in the Internet world of today and involve integration of several local databases. Such databases support local access for transactions and queries and local control over authorization of classes and objects. At the same time, these database objects are often replicated in various sites and are available for access by global queries and transactions. Such global access, which may involve a global query optimizer, is required to handle conflicts between the local authorizations of replicated objects, but give consistent results regardless of site dependent optimizations.

The paper uses previous models for object-based authorization, and extends them with policies to handle conflicts between local and global authorizations. It also discusses object migration and security administration. The problem of providing autonomy in a consistent way is discussed extensively.

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DOI: 10.1007/978-0-387-35564-1_6

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