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MoFAC: A Model for Fine-grained Access Control

von Solms, Olivier, and von Solms


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J. S. von Solms, M. S. Olivier, and S. H. von Solms. “MoFAC: A Model for Fine-grained Access Control”. In: Information Systems Security: Facing the Information Society of the 21st Century. Ed. by S. K. Katsikas and D Gritzalis. Chapman & Hall, 1996, pp. 295–305


Access control in Information Technology (IT) systems, also known as Authorization, is one of the cornerstones of any Information Security Policy. The granularity of such access control can be on different levels, for example on volume (disc pack) level, database level, table level, and even on individual record (or tuple) and data field level. Although very fine-grained access control, for example on record level, is often required, in most systems access control on table level is used. The reason is that the management process is significantly easier and simpler the courser the level of control becomes.

MoFAC presents a model in which access control is finer than table level, but where the increase in complexity and management stays within acceptable limits.

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DOI: 10.1007/978-1-5041-2919-0_26

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