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Maintaining Integrity within Mobile Self Protecting Objects

Brandi and Olivier


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W. Brandi and M. S. Olivier. “Maintaining Integrity within Mobile Self Protecting Objects”. In: Informatica 26.2 (2002), pp. 117–122


This paper examines the integrity issues involved when a Self Protecting Object (SPO) is moved to a site in a federated database which will eventually disconnect and become unreachable for some time. The SPO model guarantees that the custom security policy of a site participating in a federated database will be implemented and respected when the object it shares is accessed by others in the federated database, regardless of the objects location. We introduce the Mobile Self Protecting Object (MSPO) and propose an architecture within which it will operate. Having looked at integrity issues which may arise we propose a way in which to maintain integrity within Mobile Self Protecting Objects. In particular, we propose a way in which to deal with mobile transactions which require authorisation. We discuss how MPSOs can be updated whilst in a mobile environment as well as how to ensure an MSPO has maintained its integrity upon reentering the federated database from a mobile site.

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