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A Multilevel Secure Federated Database



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M. S. Olivier. “A Multilevel Secure Federated Database”. In: Database Security VIII (A-60). Ed. by J. Biskup, M Morgenstern, and C. E. Landwehr. Elsevier Science, 1995, pp. 183–198


This paper proposes a model for a multilevel secure federated database. A federated database is a distributed database that is characterised by a high degree of site autonomy, yet the sites cooperate on global transactions.

The proposed model has three main features: (1) it is intended for a loosely coupled federation with almost no central authority; (2) local classification of a data item is honoured by all members of the federation; and (3) a site can decide on the level of sensitivity of its data that may be sent to each other site.

The model solves the problem where the sites are homogeneous; however more work needs to be done for heterogeneous sites.

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