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On granting limited access to private information

Lategan and Olivier


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F. A. Lategan and M. S. Olivier. “On granting limited access to private information”. In: Proceedings of the Tenth International World Wide Web Conference. ACM, 2001, pp. 21–25


We distribute our private information on an ever increasing number of computers daily, and we effectively give target organisations carte blanche to do what they want with our private information once they have collected it. We have only their privacy policy as a possible safeguard against misuse of our private information. In this paper we describe a classification of private information based on the purpose it is acquired for. We also propose a method by which we can grant limited access to our private information, and thus enforce the terms of their privacy policies. Private information is also revealed at the last possible stage, further reducing the possibility of misuse. This safeguards private information in four of the five categories mentioned.

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DOI: 10.1145/371920.371926

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