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Am I able to supervise your postgraduate studies?

I require you do do some work that illustrates your appreciation of QDD/FDD (in addition to the formal requirements) before I will agree to act as your supervisor

To begin to answer the question above, I assume that you have read what I wrote on who should consider postgraduate studies and deem yourself to be in that category. I also assume that you have read about my research interests, and that you are indeed (al the very least) intrigued by the research questions that I am trying to answer. If so, you have probably had a look at some of my more recent publications and felt compelled to contribute to the academic literature in the niche that my publications address. If so, please read on

Positions available

I have an extremely limited number of positions available for students who want to study towards such a higher degree. In order to increase synergy between my students I only accept students in very specific research fields. Currently I will consider applications in the following fields:

Read more about my research aspirations for further guidance.

In the past, bursaries were sometimes available for successful applicants; more recently bursaries have become extremely scarce. Your best option is to apply at a funder, such as the NRF.


I consider applications for study under my guidance each year at the end of September for commencement in January of the following year. An application should consist of portfolio in which you address the following:

In order to write the summary of the state of the art, you should concentrate your efforts on work published in the following proceedings and journals:


Note that this application process is merely intended to determine whether I will accept you as a student. To gain university entrance you have to follow the processes as set out in the yearbook of the Faculty of Engineering, Built Environment and Information Technology of the University. (Ensure that you look at the latest edition of the yearbook.) Also see the details provided by the Department of Computer Science. (Scroll down to MSc Computer Science or PhD Computer Science on the departmental page.)

My expectations

I expect that you will

Your expectations

It is highly recommended that you discuss your dreams of postgraduate studies with current students - amongst others to determine your 'compatibility' with the style (or lack thereof) of your intended supervisor. Also read PhD Comics with the warning that most of it is true.